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how poor language skills bestowed us a monthly metro pass

You all know how everybody tells you that you should at least be able to say Hello, Goodbye, Yes, No, Please and Thank you in the language of the country you’re traveling in?

Remembering my unease in the Netherlands where I never found out whether I pronounced Hello correctly or not (don’t ask), I prepared myself by writing down the Romanian words and phrases I felt were important. I planned to learn them on the plane. The plane took off at 06.55 and an hour later I woke up in Bucaresti without a word of Romanian.

hit the language barriers


Vampires Ahoi

Just one more day and we’re off to Romania!

Despite it being a mere 1 1/2 hour flight away from Austria and very “now” (vampires are still en vogue, aren’t they?), neither of us has been there so far. But this is going to change as come Monday, we’ll be off to explore Bukarest and its surroundings, dip a toe into the Black Sea and maybe even venture into Transsylvania (because every girl needs her supernatural BF(F)).

Since our base camp will be in Bukarest, we don’t have to worry too much about what (not) to bring as we won’t have to drag our bags around, which in theory should give us more time to work on our romanian language skills. Or look into everything the Romanian confectioners have to offer.


On the Subject

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