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Buying chickens in Artá

I’m a complete sucker for markets of every kind so when I heard there was one in Artá, I was up at 7 am sharp and shoved my family into the car. Of course I could have taken the bus, which would have made a far more exciting blog post but: 7 am. Those of you who know me know I would have probably ended up in Morocco, if I had tried to travel anywhere on my own in the middle of the night (hence the more interesting post). But as my mother wanted to go there too, my father and sister knew not to put up a fight, so off we went.

Behold the picture everybody and their dogs take when visiting Artá. They, of course, take it from the right side of the street so they won’t have the power lines cutting through the picture, but what can I say: I’m a rebel.

onwards to more rebellious tales


Salzburg, Austria

The Alter Markt (old market) was built in 1280 and is still in use today and a great place to buy fish and flowers – which sounds like a strange combination, but that’s what my family gets from there. If you have no interest in neither you can look at the pretty flowers (there’s also a church there) and you can get a snack (sausages mostly) at one of the “Würstelstände”.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


On the Subject

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