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let’s turn the chairs around, it could be exciting

I’ve been told many times (mostly by GIN, but other people, too) that going to Tirol invariably leads to activities like skiing, hiking, canyoning, rafting. And also, large quantities of BBQ.

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you might as well go to Snagov

We’ve decided to go to Snagov to see the grave of Vlad Dracul. Unfortunately, as no-one of us speaks Romanian (except Ms. K., who is famous for her ‘şi, şi!’, which means ‘and, and!’), we got onto the easy to remember #444 bus and went to the scenic village of Snagov.

zis is ze life

how poor language skills bestowed us a monthly metro pass

You all know how everybody tells you that you should at least be able to say Hello, Goodbye, Yes, No, Please and Thank you in the language of the country you’re traveling in?

Remembering my unease in the Netherlands where I never found out whether I pronounced Hello correctly or not (don’t ask), I prepared myself by writing down the Romanian words and phrases I felt were important. I planned to learn them on the plane. The plane took off at 06.55 and an hour later I woke up in Bucaresti without a word of Romanian.

hit the language barriers


On the Subject

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