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Happy Halloween

I was looking for an apt picture for the Halloween peek of the week when I came across this one. I took it in Lübeck, Germany in 2007, at an exhibition, where everything was made out of marzipan. The figurine was part of said exhibition and shows the birth of Eros (if my memory serves me correctly).

A creepy angel/god out of marzipan seemes to be appropriate, regarding the sweets-and-scary-stuff theme of Halloween.

Happy Halloween, everybody!


Mallorquin food

Mallorca has lots of awesome food to offer. They love to cook with pork and lamb and, being an island, with tons of fresh fish and seefood. Mallorca seduced me to try ray for the first time but even though it was perfectly grilled, it was probably my last time.

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have some chocolate

appease your travel bug: scones

While we all want to travel the world or at least have a nice summer holiday somewhere where it doesn’t rain constantly (or is it just the Austrians?), sometimes even a weekend trip isn’t possible: money, time, family – whatever the reason, it leaves me with itchy feet and in a sulky mood. So I found ways to appease my travel bug and the most effective one is: cooking.

It’s getting hot in here

let’s turn the chairs around, it could be exciting

I’ve been told many times (mostly by GIN, but other people, too) that going to Tirol invariably leads to activities like skiing, hiking, canyoning, rafting. And also, large quantities of BBQ.

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5 things Bucharest surprised us with

No matter where you go and how much you prepare yourself beforehand, places have the habit of surprising you – sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way and sometimes you just go, “Well, I didn’t see that one coming.”

Therefore: Welcome to our first search engine friendly top something list. Grab a seat and some popcorn and prepare to be amazed.

drum roll, please


On the Subject

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