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Salzburg, Austria


Salzburg, Austria

The Alter Markt (old market) was built in 1280 and is still in use today and a great place to buy fish and flowers – which sounds like a strange combination, but that’s what my family gets from there. If you have no interest in neither you can look at the pretty flowers (there’s also a church there) and you can get a snack (sausages mostly) at one of the “Würstelstände”.

Our favourites: Das KaffeeHaus, Kufstein

We only discovered this little gem because ijinx saw it when we drove by and when it comes to coffee, she is very determined indeed. So, after our stroll trough Kufstein, we went to get some coffee there and ended up in what must be one of the most charming coffee roasteries in Austria.

have a look at Kufstein and then follow this neat little link

let’s turn the chairs around, it could be exciting

I’ve been told many times (mostly by GIN, but other people, too) that going to Tirol invariably leads to activities like skiing, hiking, canyoning, rafting. And also, large quantities of BBQ.

you should totally click here to read more


On the Subject

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