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let’s turn the chairs around, it could be exciting

I’ve been told many times (mostly by GIN, but other people, too) that going to Tirol invariably leads to activities like skiing, hiking, canyoning, rafting. And also, large quantities of BBQ.

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Zürich, Switzerland

Berlin, Germany

Zadar, Croatia

Sv. Filip-Jakov, Croatia

architectural whimsy

Photo by GIN

Earlier on we promised you a picture post in case we managed to capture the architectural whimsy of Bucharest. One of the things worth knowing about Bucharest architecture: Bucharest used to be called “Paris of the East” or “Little Paris”. War and earthquakes destroyed some of it, and sometimes in the 1980s, Ceaușescu had the idea of re-designing the whole thing, so he tore down whole districts in order to build huge bulevards and monuments to … probably himself. Before I drone on too long, you might want to go see Wiki about the historical details. We’re here for the pics. There is no guarantee that you will understand what I mean by “whimsical” when I say Bucharest by seeing the photos – but we can try. An attempt at a one-sentence-explanation would be something along the lines of: It’s cool because it’s crazy and you get rotting, tiny cute houses next to glass skyscrapers next to humongous architectural monsters of the Ceaușescu-era next to orthodox churches out of context.
you will totally want to go to Bucharest after this

Malviya Nagar, New Delhi

our favourites: HasHas, Bucharest

We thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about our Bucharest favourite and at the same time introduce a (hopefully) regular feature on our blog – the temporary home away from home as we travel. For Snagov, I’d definitely say it was the #444 bus, but for Bucharest, it has to be the delightful little cafe HasHas. Here is a photo to make you understand what we liked  about it.

looks like a pitcher of absinthe, non?

you might as well go to Snagov

We’ve decided to go to Snagov to see the grave of Vlad Dracul. Unfortunately, as no-one of us speaks Romanian (except Ms. K., who is famous for her ‘şi, şi!’, which means ‘and, and!’), we got onto the easy to remember #444 bus and went to the scenic village of Snagov.

zis is ze life

Crazy Cables #4


On the Subject

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