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Buying chickens in Artá

I’m a complete sucker for markets of every kind so when I heard there was one in Artá, I was up at 7 am sharp and shoved my family into the car. Of course I could have taken the bus, which would have made a far more exciting blog post but: 7 am. Those of you who know me know I would have probably ended up in Morocco, if I had tried to travel anywhere on my own in the middle of the night (hence the more interesting post). But as my mother wanted to go there too, my father and sister knew not to put up a fight, so off we went.

Behold the picture everybody and their dogs take when visiting Artá. They, of course, take it from the right side of the street so they won’t have the power lines cutting through the picture, but what can I say: I’m a rebel.

Artá is a charming little town with a lot of cozy looking bars and cafés. Sadly, most of the cafés were still closed when we arrived and I was overruled afterwards. Family. What can you do. But being rebelious again, I took pictures.

The weekly market (every Tuesday) consists of various booths and a market hall and you can find pretty much everything: trash, souvenirs, handbags, cloths, fabric, belt buckles, herbs, jewellery, fruit….

The market hall has the charm of market halls everywhere and despite the usual offer of fruit and vegetables, the people clogging up the aisles were mostly tourists.

Since the booths are spread out over most of the city center,  the visit turned into a nice stroll across town, with my mother searching for the fabric, me snapping pictures and squealing happily because we were at a market and the rest of the family wishing they were still in bed.

The market offered what I thought was a nice mix of souvenirs and “authethic market things” like, um, food and flowers. When we came across cages with chickens, and wondered wether people bought the birds for the eggs or the meat and decided in favour of the eggs – well, apart from the budgies (toy) – and probably the turkeys (dinner), which were also on offer.

I was very tempted to buy a chicken, but with a heavy heart decided against it: I didn’t think my landlord would be to impressed with the chicken and was pretty sure that the chicken wouldn’t be impressed with my tiny bedsit.

What are your favourite markets? What’s the weirdest thing you ever saw for sale?


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I'm a twenty-something female who moved from Austria to Scotland in 2009. Formally addicted to coffee, the UK has turned me into a bit of a tea snob and made me discover lots of wonderful things, e.g. pies. While I love to do a lot of things like writing, taking pictures, baking, traveling and spending days lazing about, my current pay checks says language teacher and will continue to say so until 2013 where there will be no pay check but dust and snakes as I'll venture into Asia. But that's still quite some time away and meanwhile I'll share my thoughts and worries and pictures of pies and short trips with you while gleefully butchering the English language.


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