Somebody should have told me…

… just how much work the whole blogging business is.

Well, fine, fair enough, everybody warned me. But I believed I was finally all grown-up and responsible and would totally kick ass – yeah, not so much. Aehm. Turns out, I still love my couch a bit too much and when it comes to procrastination I’m, like, the fucking master.

But I promise, that, from now on, I’ll be totally awesome better about the whole updating business and delight you with tales of Scotland, Mallorca and me adventures with various airlines (those are going to be gruesome, no kidding). And now, have a virtual cookie and a picture (also kinda virtual).

This is no ordinary palm (as if I would ever dare to bore you with an ordinary palm), but a home to three tree rats – they’re the cutest things that ever threatened to jump in my drink. The palm stands in the garden of a small bar. The tree rats come out at night and the first time you see them running around they make you wonder just how much you’ve already had. I couldn’t find anything on them in English, but if you want to see pictures go here. They were damn fast and I didn’t manage to take a single even half-decent picture of them.

We spent an delightful evening in the bar Sa Sania, sipping our drinks and watching the tree rats running around. You can find Sa Sania it in Font de sa Cala, between the All-Inclusive clubs, but when you’re sitting under the palm tree you forget that your in a tourist hell. The owner is a great guy, a good cook and owner of the cutest dog in history, so if you happen to be in the area, drop by and try his gambas.


About enjirux

I'm a twenty-something female who moved from Austria to Scotland in 2009. Formally addicted to coffee, the UK has turned me into a bit of a tea snob and made me discover lots of wonderful things, e.g. pies. While I love to do a lot of things like writing, taking pictures, baking, traveling and spending days lazing about, my current pay checks says language teacher and will continue to say so until 2013 where there will be no pay check but dust and snakes as I'll venture into Asia. But that's still quite some time away and meanwhile I'll share my thoughts and worries and pictures of pies and short trips with you while gleefully butchering the English language.


2 thoughts on “Somebody should have told me…

  1. I don’t know how to tell you this, but the whole blogging thing only gets harder the longer you do it. Or at least it has for me. (But then again I have a way of defying gravity, time, space and logic, so maybe it’s just a me-thing.) When I first started blogging, I could dash off a post in a couple hours, no problem. Now it takes me an entire day…. sometimes two… sometimes a whole week. Now that it’s not just my mom reading my blog (okay, so my mom never really read my blog… don’t ask me who read that thing in the early days), I care more about what I say & I hem and haw forever over the topic and word choice and a whole lot of other inessential little things. It’s really annoying. And it keeps me from updating my blog as much as I would like.
    Anyways, not to scare you off or anything! 🙂 And speaking of scaring people off, tree rats? Gahhh! One more rodent to worry about!

    Posted by Sally | Sunday, 23. October 2011, 02:06
    • *sigh* yeah, I was kinda afraid it would be that way. but then, a girl’s gotta do wthat a girl’s gotta do, right?

      and no worries about the tree rats though, they tend to stay on their trees 😉

      Posted by enjirux | Sunday, 23. October 2011, 11:56

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