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Our favourites: Das KaffeeHaus, Kufstein

We only discovered this little gem because ijinx saw it when we drove by and when it comes to coffee, she is very determined indeed. So, after our stroll trough Kufstein, we went to get some coffee there and ended up in what must be one of the most charming coffee roasteries in Austria.

When we first entered the coffee roastery it didn’t look like much, just your usual café – but with very nice cake, which lured us into staying. After we squeezed ourselves around the little table, the owner let us know that there were two more floors and a garden terrace with additional seating upstairs, so we went off exploring and promptly lost each other in the house.

The KaffeeHaus is a beautiful old building (over 270 years) which indeed has a nice garden terrace and two floors of little cozy rooms. I’m a sucker for old wooden houses. Throw in some murals and I’ll consider moving in. So I mused about moving to Kufstein (I do that a lot, pretty much with every place I visit. Apart from Agra. Never again. And Bremen, which I hated on sight and it hated me right back).

But the most awesome thing about this place is the Kaffunzel, which is a kind spirit that lives in the house. How cool is that? A coffee roastery with its very own ghost! (We didn’t manage to get it in front of the camera, though.) Also, the coffee is great and they have nice cake and what smelled like tasty lunch.

After the coffee-and-cake-break we bought some coffee beans and chatted with the owner. Apparently the café and the roastery have been a long-held dream of his which has now come true.With the benevolent house ghost, the interior, which has been lovingly decorated with the customers’ comfort in mind and the lovable staff, Das KaffeeHaus is well worth the 5-minutes-walk from the old town centre.

Do you know of a great café and roastery? Do tell!


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I'm a twenty-something female who moved from Austria to Scotland in 2009. Formally addicted to coffee, the UK has turned me into a bit of a tea snob and made me discover lots of wonderful things, e.g. pies. While I love to do a lot of things like writing, taking pictures, baking, traveling and spending days lazing about, my current pay checks says language teacher and will continue to say so until 2013 where there will be no pay check but dust and snakes as I'll venture into Asia. But that's still quite some time away and meanwhile I'll share my thoughts and worries and pictures of pies and short trips with you while gleefully butchering the English language.


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