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our favourites: HasHas, Bucharest

We thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about our Bucharest favourite and at the same time introduce a (hopefully) regular feature on our blog – the temporary home away from home as we travel. For Snagov, I’d definitely say it was the #444 bus, but for Bucharest, it has to be the delightful little cafe HasHas. Here is a photo to make you understand what we liked  about it.

The HasHas is a smallish café we found by chance just around the corner from our hotel (which was also nice). It is situated just off a square where three Mini Markets compete for supremacy and people hang out in the street at night to enjoy the relative calm and quiet. The staff are friendly and speak English a bit. Mostly, the waitresses seem to entertain their friends and surf the internets. Which is just as fine as after you’ve ordered, they will leave you in peace to finish your blog entry or look at the stray dogs searching for leftovers or whatever you’re up to.

They don’t offer much to eat – you can order pizza which is then brought to you from the restaurant next door, it looked decent enough – but they sure know their drinks. You can get all kinds of hot chocolate (with cocos sprinkles on top), or alcoholic and non-alcoholic coffee creations. Also, cocktails and the ever present limonada – look at the ‘absinthe’ picture above.

If you ever go to Bucharest, have a hot chocolate at HasHas – we dare you to find it. Also, if you have a favourite place in Bucharest yourself – please share!



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