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drive-by sightseeing

After an exciting first day in Bukarest we are too tired and too stuffed with delicous food to write much, so have some pretty pictures instead.

One of the pretty architectural details we discovered today:

More architecural whimsy (people seem to use the shiny building as a round-about).

People need electricity, obviously. Look forward to our crazy cables feature.

And this is what we spent the day doing.

Coming up: cake pictures, romanian sign language, shopping vs. sightseeing, even more food and if we manage to capture the crazyness of the architecture we shall bring that too.


About enjirux

I'm a twenty-something female who moved from Austria to Scotland in 2009. Formally addicted to coffee, the UK has turned me into a bit of a tea snob and made me discover lots of wonderful things, e.g. pies. While I love to do a lot of things like writing, taking pictures, baking, traveling and spending days lazing about, my current pay checks says language teacher and will continue to say so until 2013 where there will be no pay check but dust and snakes as I'll venture into Asia. But that's still quite some time away and meanwhile I'll share my thoughts and worries and pictures of pies and short trips with you while gleefully butchering the English language.


2 thoughts on “drive-by sightseeing

  1. hey guyz,

    second pictures looks great and the ood looks fabulous too 🙂
    … although who of you dared to eat the tomato ?!?

    Posted by Ranthild Salzer | Tuesday, 28. June 2011, 20:11


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